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How to lose weight at home and finding a beginner's programme

Women over 40 can achieve their goals!  Being Fit Start Now has all the resources for females over 40 to learn how to lose weight at home and get back in shape, and have energy like in their youth.

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How to get fit again

On this website, you can find how to lose weight at home for females over 40, including home workouts with trainer support for women of all ages and fitness levels, tips on how to lose weight, guidance on which supplements to choose, recipe inspiration, and, of course, the extremely important insurance for your future and family. You’ll need an internet connection to view the workouts no matter where you are in the world. A room in your house to set up a yoga mat and where you can do the workouts.

What is the best way for a 40 years old woman to lose weight?


If you are not familiar with the world of fitness or have not trained for a long time and want to get back to your desired physical shape and energy level, you are in the right place. Click on the button below to find out the best exercise for 45 years old woman to lose weight and how to join them.

Weight loss tips

Find on our website a free meal plan for weight loss for females over 40, advice from experienced professionals to help you get on the right track, and how to keep yourself at that level.


Information has never been so accessible! Choose the supplements that you think suit you, and have already been tested, with good results that we have analyzed and recommended to our clients.


Since we are talking about losing weight, fitness level, and a healthy lifestyle that we want to have for a long time, food is an essential element to achieve what we aim for. Search our recipes and make a food plan according to your goals.


Fitness, health, and wellness are very important for the family. Secure your future and that of your family with a health plan that suits your age and needs.

There is a program for you

Immerse yourself in an online training experience and see your workout on screen from the comfort of your home.

Access to top trainers with experience in the field, their programs, and their support to make your journey easier up to the level you want to reach.

You are in control of the training, the progress you achieve, and advice on what you want to improve in order to achieve your dreams.

Recipes for food that may serve as an inspiration to you and help you to stick to your chosen meal plan.

Full transparency of what worked for us and where there is room for improvement.

All this combined helped us build a trusting relationship with our clients that puts them in a position to achieve the desired success.

How it works

Choose from our website what you need, the type of training suited to your fitness level, supplements, or food recipes.

Enroll in the chosen program.

Start with the diet plan and training program from the comfort of your home.

You will notice how weekly you will lose weight and be in better shape.

Concentrate on getting those small weekly results and depending on how you progress, set new goals.
It’s not something you get overnight, it takes time and perseverance.

Case studies

Thousands of women from all over the world have achieved their desired results with our programs! 100% Customer satisfaction and a 60-day money-back guarantee!

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